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While planning the release of the E, the TWR controller saw on the A-SMGCS display that it was approaching the hold line and then looked away towards final approach to ensure that it would be possible to have the E taxi into position on the runway in preparation for take-off between the A about to land and the next approaching aircraft.

At the same time, if an E190 a320 has only seats sold, it's most likely that the price didn't get further than the second fare bucket, and at the same time, the A is more expensive to operate. I live in Miami. The Investigation reviewed a number of safety issues which it considered that the incursion had highlighted as follows: It was noted that NavCanada had recorded over runway incursions at Canadian Airports from towith 27 of these being recorded as serious events.

Tyre damage requiring wheel replacement was also sustained. Until that day, Fly SOP and wear your lanyard. It was nevertheless concluded that because of commuting from his home in Winnipeg to begin work out of Toronto on the day of the incursion, "it is likely that the First Officer was fatigued at the time of the occurrence".

Take-off clearance was subsequently given to the E and the A landed off its second approach.

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However, the controller thought the call had been from Air Georgian GGNa Beech which would also be departing from 24R and responded to that aircraft. Therefore, as far as flight attendant labor goes, it's cheaper per seat mile on the E If airport lighting system stop bars are not illuminated at a hold line across a taxiway or in a holding bay leading to a departure runway and the RIMCAS stop bar overrun monitoring function is not used, there is an increased risk that an airport controller will not be alerted to an unauthorised movement of an aircraft or vehicle across a hold line.

Sufficient relevant recorded data and testimony was available to enable a detailed reconstruction of the events leading up to the incursion. I'm also looking forward to leaving 4 leg days behind me, though that comes with the trade off of moving to a fleet that does redeye flying.

However, it was found that it did not "require an air traffic controller to instruct an aircraft taxiing for departure to hold short at the departure end of a runway that will be used for takeoff" since in this case pilots "must not cross a hold line on a taxiway leading to a departure runway that will be used for takeoff unless they have received either an authorisation to line up on the runway in preparation for takeoff, or an authorisation to take off".

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Four formally-stated Findings as to Risk were as follows: Take-off clearance was subsequently given to the E and the A landed off its second approach. Alas, I must wait until the 17th The Final Report of the Investigation was authorised for release on 29 March and it was officially released on 24 May If plain-language phraseology used by air traffic controllers is not explicit, there is a risk of miscommunication between air traffic control and flight crews.

For my class, it was easy. The subsequent Investigation found that the incursion had fortuitously occurred just after an ERJ had landed and had been terminated just as another aircraft had commenced a go around after failure to acquire the prescribed visual reference required to continue to a landing.

Airbus A320 (320)

However, shortly before the incursion occurred, it had been decided that both runways would be used for arriving and departing traffic and the two positions had reverted to individual control with the shift supervisor taking the south tower position covering runway 24R and the north tower position covering runway The seat was amazingly comfortable The Final Report of the Investigation was authorised for release on 29 March and it was officially released on 24 May It was moved E190 a320 to shift the center of gravity envelope aft to reduces the horizontal stabilizer downforce, lowering fuel burn by 1.

But that's really not a big deal. It was found from the NavCanada publication describing the system that "the stop bar overrun monitoring function of the RIMCAS assesses aircraft and vehicle target position reports and generates an aural alert to the air traffic controller whenever any target reported by the A-SMGCS crosses an illuminated stop bar that is associated with a hold line and that has not been disabled first" unless the target is an aircraft that has landed or a vehicle leaving the runway.

These functions of the system were noted as being "designed to inform an air traffic controller that a runway incursion has occurred and allow for alternate instructions to be issued by the air traffic controller to the aircraft or vehicles involved".

Prior to the incursion, traffic had been relatively light with only runway 23 departing traffic and 24R arriving traffic being open see the aerodrome chart below and the two available tower positions, north and south, had been combined. If air traffic controllers are not required to use standard phraseology that reinforces the need to hold short of a departure runway, there is an increased risk of miscommunication leading to runway incursions.

The Investigation was unable to fully review why the configuration error had occurred or why it had not been subsequently detected but the recent type conversion of both the pilots involved was noted.

It was found that the RIMCAS runway incursion monitoring function was configured to monitor the final approach area of Runway 24R and configured to provide a Stage 1 visual alert 30 seconds ahead of a landing aircraft conflict and a Stage 2 aural alert 20 seconds ahead of a landing aircraft conflict, a conflict being defined as another aircraft or vehicle crossing the runway edge.

The First Officer, had approximately 8, total flying hours which included 2, hours on type.On behalf of our client, Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines, we are pleased to accept applications for A and Embraer Captains, with a variety of rostering options.

About Nanning Nanning, a city in southern China near the Vietnam border, is capital of the Guangxi region. Apr 21,  · If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the palmolive2day.com our community today and start interacting with existing members.

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Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. JetBlue does pay its E pilots about 10% less than A or A pilots with comparable seniority, but that's still much more on a per-seat basis.

On 30 Januaryan Embraer crew lined up on their assigned departure runway in good visibility at night without clearance to do so just as an Airbus A was about to land on it. The E incorporates fly-by-wire technology that helps to reduce pilot workload, improves aircraft performance, simplifies systems architecture and.

May 02,  · Great report! AS somebody who does fly JetBlue on a very consistent basis, I can agree with everything you said.

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They, to me, are one-of-a-kind airline; an LCC with complimentary IFE and snacks, consistently friendly crews, and very comfortable planes that .

E190 a320
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